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Victron Energy MultiPlus 12V 1200VA 50A (16A Transfer) Inverter/Charger


The Victron Energy Multiplus 12v 1200VA / 50Amp Inverter / Charger is a fantastic piece of equipment.  With an appropriate battery supply the Victron Multiplus 12v 1200VA inverter charger can be used as a UPS supply in a house or office or otherwise in a camper trailer or caravan to power average size 240VAC appliances including small coffee pod machine, toaster, hair straightener or drink mixer.

With the ability to switch from inverter mode while off grid to a millisecond transfer to 240VAC battery charging when plugged into shore power the Victron Energy Multiplus 12v 1200VA Inverter Charger truly is a complete automatic power supply system.

The Victron Energy Multiplus 12v 1200VA Inverter Charger is fully programmable and can be set to different battery types including lithium LifePO4, AGM, Gel and Lead Acid batteries.

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Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 406 × 250 × 100 cm


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