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Baintech Slim 110Amp Lithium, Redarc BCDC1225D, Victron Smart Shunt Complete System


The Baintech slim 110Amp lithium battery is a fantastic product designed to fit in vehicle locations such as behind the rear seats in any ute or dual Ute, under floor mounting in Y62 Nissan Patrol and on the rear of a in vehicle draw system.  This is just a few mounting ideas but the options are endless depending on the vehicle type.

The lithium cells in the Baintech battery are LifePO4 prismatic cells and the battery is a fully serviceable unit with 5 year warranty.
The maximum continuous discharge rate of the Baintech Slim 110Amp Lithium battery is 100Amps.  This means that any appliance can be powered from the Baintech 110Amp battery as long as the load doesn’t exceed 100Amps. Common appliances such as 12v fridges, LED lighting and 12V accessories such as USB charging can easily be plugged in.
Plus a maximum power inverter size of 1000 Watts can be powered from the battery for powering small coffee machine, drink mixer and charging cordless power tool batteries.

A second Baintech 100Amp Slim Battery can be plugged in in parallel to increase the Amp Hour capacity and will double the continuous discharge rate to 200Amps.  This opens the option for a 2000 watt inverter.

This package includes the Non In-built DC model.  We have designed this system with a Redarc BCDC1225D. With this option the system will charge from the vehicle alternator and all so MPPT solar charging.  Plus the charge capacity of the Redarc BCDC1225D is 25Amps for a more rapid charge time.  We do recommend attaching the ignition cable for reliable consistent charging from the Redarc BCDC1225D. 6Mtr of 8 bns twin cable is supplied to sire in the Anderson input charge cable to the Redarc1225D charger from the main battery.

To monitor the Baintech 110Amp Slim battery system a Victron Energy Smart Shunt has been included to display the battery percentage charge, Amp Current discharge or charge, Power Watts in discharge or charge and Consumed Amp Hours as well as Time remaining.

Included is a Thumper control box with a Volt Meter and 2 sockets of your choice.  This can be mounted in the rear of the vehicle or the tub of a Ute.  The cable supplied for this is a 6Mtr 6mm twin cable with inline fuse.







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