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Thumper Lithium DC-DC Battery Box/Solar King 150Amp Lithium / Battery Box Tray / 6Mtr 8mm twin Cable with Anderson and Circuit Breaker


The brand new Solar King 150ah LiPo4 model is a great battery option for a setup with a Thumper Lithium DC-DC Portable Battery Box.  One obvious benefit is the physical weight of the battery, truly making the package a easy to lift portable system.
The usable amp hours of the LifePO4 150ah battery is equivalent to a 300amps of AGM battery power.
The Solar King Lithium battery has a 100amp maximum discharge rate, which is ideal for a battery box setup where you are likely to power a 12v fridge, lights and charging Ipads and Tablets. Plus a inverter can be connected to the battery for 240V output.

The maximum charge rate of the Solar King Lithium battery is 100amps maximum, even though the suggested charge rate is 30amps. The Solar King Lithium battery will accept what it needs as the internal BMS unit will adjust the charge input. We suggest charging the battery with a 30amp Lithium compatible battery charger.

The Solar King CB model has a auto start BMS.  This means that when the battery is discharge past the 10v low voltage cut-off and the BMS switches off it will automatically switch on when the BMS senses charge voltage.  This is a fantastic feature, as a lot of other Lithium batteries on the market have a manual re-start.  Meaning the positive needs to be dis-connected for a few seconds to turn the BMS back on to accept charge.

This is the Ultimate High Capacity Lithium Portable Battery System.



Projecta Lithium IDC25 DC-DC Charger / MPPT Regulator

2 x Marine grade Cigarette type socket – rated to 16 Amps
Includes rubber cap design to protect all sockets

1 x Engel Type 2 Pin Socket

1 x Dual USB socket – rated to 2.5Amp (min rating)
– used to illuminate the Volt meter gauge and activate the USB

2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – Labelled INPUT/OUTPUT
(one fitted to front of box and one on rear)

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – designed purely for solar panel input – labelled “Unregulated solar input”

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – designed purely for vehicle (alternator) input – labelled “Alternator input”

– All internal cabling to allow you to simply connect straight to the battery terminals

Internal Dimensions of Battery Box
Length – 335mm
Width – 175mm
Height – 225mm

External Dimensions of Battery Box 
Length – 410mm
Width – 260mm
Height – 315mm
* Dimensions includes all protruding outlet sockets *


Also included: 

1 x 6mt length of 8mm twin core cable (8B&S) oxygen free cable (for vehicle charge line)

1 x 50Amp Automatic reset circuit breaker (for connection off main vehicle battery for the charge line)



The IDC25L DC-DC charger is purposely designed for charging auxiliary batteries.
It includes all the features needed to maintain the auxiliary battery to its optimum
condition and to prolong the battery life.
The IDC25L converts your vehicle’s 12VDC/24VDC alternator power to the voltage
level allowing your batteries to be fully charged, prolonging battery life and
reliability. With the latest synchronous switching technology, efficiency of IDC25L
exceeds 94% at typical full load condition.
Allows two energy sources to power the IDC25L simultaneously. Solar input takes
precedence if solar and alternator inputs are present. When solar input cannot provide
enough energy to the load, the IDC25L will draw power from solar and alternator
The IDC25L utilises sophisticated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar
regulator technology. MPPT maximises the power generated from the solar panels
to the auxiliary battery.
This sets the charge in power supply mode giving a constant voltage of 13.8VDC.
This mode is best used where appliances are drawing power from the battery,
for example a fridge.
Power supply mode can also be used to reactivate a lithium iron phosphate battery
which is on internal low voltage disconnect mode. Currently, most high capacity
12V lithium iron phosphate batteries have an in-built battery management system
(BMS). When you discharge a 12V lithium iron phosphate battery to very low output
voltage, it will activate the battery’s internal low voltage disconnect protection –
the battery will be disconnected from the charger and load. However, in charge
mode, the IDC25L will only start charging if it detects the battery is connected.
To overcome this, set the IDC25L to power supply mode until the battery internal
low voltage disconnect protection is deactivated.
Using high speed microcontroller and proprietary charging algorithm, the IDC25L
delivers a sophisticated 5 stage charging process resulting in a faster and more
powerful charge, ideal for deep cycle batteries. The first two stages increase battery
life by gently starting to charge the battery at 5% and 25% of the bulk charge
respectively. The third stage, bulk (constant current), charges the battery much faster
while the fourth stage, absorption (constant voltage), ensures the battery is thoroughly
charged. The final stage, float, maintains the battery at a safe voltage allowing it to
be maintained and ready for use indefinitely.
The ignition connection activates the lower input voltage operation to suit vehicles
with smart (variable voltage) alternators.
The IDC25L is supplied with a 2 metre temperature sensor. The sensor monitors
the battery temperature and adjusts (compensates) the charger’s output to
prevent overcharging. This is ideal for batteries used in warmer/cooler climates or
A pink wire is provided for driving an external panel mount LED indicator (Eg Narva
P/No. 62090BL) to show the status of the charger. It shows whether the auxiliary
battery is on charge (Solid Colour) or the charger is in a fault condition (Flashing).

Spark-Free Protection
The IDC25L will not start charging the battery (no output) unless the load is securely
connected. It prevents the output leads from sparking due to accidental short circuit
making the charger safer to use around batteries.
Reverse Connection Protection
Reverse connection on input and output terminals does not damage IDC25L internal
circuit. The IDC25L detects reverse connection condition and indicates whether input
or output connection is reversed.
Over and Under Voltage Protection
The charger will automatically shut down if there is an over voltage or under
voltage problem.
Over Temperature Protection
The charger will lower its output current if the temperature of the unit begins
to overheat.



  • Dimensions: 334x175x219mm
  • Chemical: Lithium Iron LiFePo4
  • Product Weight: 13.02kgs
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Voltage: 12.8VDC
  • Amperage : 150AH
  • Max Continuous Current : 100A
  • Max 3 Second Pulse : 150A
  • Min Charge Current : 2A
  • Nominal Charge Rate: 30A
  • Max Charge Current: 100A
  • Max Charge Voltage : 15.2V
  • Recommended Charge Rate: 30A
  • Cell Balancing: 5AH Nominal (8AH Peak) charge & discharge
  • Cycles @ 100% DOD: DOD 2000 Cycles
  • Cycles @ 80% DOD: DOD 3000 Cycles
  • Cycles @ 50% DOD: DOD 3500 Cycles
  • Cycles @ 30% DOD: DOD 8000 Cycles
  • Low Voltage cut out: 10.0VDC
  • Maximum In-series voltage: 30.4V
  • Water/Dust Rating: IP-65
  • Self-Discharge : 3% Per Month
  • Cell Type: Cylindrical
  • Cell Connection: Laser Welded
  • Terminal: T8

SolarKing lithium batteries are the future of battery storage. Lithium batteries are much lighter than traditional lead acid batteries and deliver unrivalled cycle life, more than 4 times more cycles compared to lead acid batteries.

Perfect for use in caravans, marine, camping and home storage applications. The batteries are sealed with a built in battery management system for safety protection.

If you are replacing an existing deep cycle lead acid battery you can continue to use your existing battery charging system as the built in battery management system with do the rest for you. You will also notice that lithium batteries charge more efficiently than lead acid batteries so the recovery will be much quicker.

This model SolarKing lithium battery use’s active cell balancing technology to balance the internal battery cells whilst not only charging but also whilst discharging. This assist’s in keeping the battery at full capacity. Our balancing system is high power and brings any internal cell in balance back in-line quickly.


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