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Thumper Extreme High Crank 100ah – L


Thumper Extreme High Crank (EXT-HC)
Thumper have recently launched a new range of heavy duty cranking batteries; perfect for the off-road caravan and camping industry.

The “EXT-HC” (Extreme High Crank) hybrid battery is designed as a bonded element sealed lead acid; perfect for the use of everyday cranking as a primary starter battery. Whilst the marine nature of this hybrid battery offers heavy cranking ability, the battery is also the perfect choice for the use of a deep cycle alternative to that of an AGM.

The EXT-HC range is classified as a wet-cell Deep cycle.
The primary use of this battery would suit the following operations:
– Use in an under bonnet dual battery system as either the primary starter battery or as the secondary battery (for running fridges, etc)

– Use in the marine industry as a hybrid “starter” battery whilst also being used to run appliances such as GPS systems, fish finders, small fridges, etc.

– Use in Caravan / Motorhome / Camper Trailer where the battery is located in the boot / outside container or in a battery box on the frame of the vehicle.
It is important to consider the TYPE of battery you are choosing for both the application and environment in which it will be used. The EXT-HC range of batteries are not completely sealed, resulting in this model not being the best option for mounting within the enclosed cabin of a vehicle or under the bed within the Caravan or Motor-home, etc. Wet-cell type batteries do omit a small level of gasses when charging making them not ideal for enclosed and non-ventilated environments. Please instead look at the sealed range of AGM battery that Homeof12volt offer in the battery link on this website.
In stating the above, the use of the EXT-HC range within the boot of a caravan, under the bonnet of a vehicle and within the boat is perfect and completely safe!

The EXT-HC range of Thumper batteries include a 3 year nationwide warranty and are available in a number of sizes



Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 320 × 172 × 203 cm


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