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Thumper DC Projecta IDC25L DC Battery Box & Projecta LB100-BT 100 AH Battery – Bluetooth monitoring


This is an incredible package!
Genuine Thumper DC Battery Box with Projecta Lithium DC Charger &
Projecta LB100-BT 100 AH Lithium Battery with Bluetooth monitoring
Key Features of package:
  • Charge direct from the vehicle alternator via the use of the in built DC Projecta Battery Charger | Suits any model / year vehicle!
  • Charge direct from solar panels with a dedicated Anderson for the use of an unregulated solar panel
  • Is the panel regulated? No problem! Simply connect into one of the 2 x Anderson connectors that are Inlet or Outlets!
  • All internally fused for your protection!
  • Includes full vehicle wiring loom for installation
  • 100 AH capacity Lithium battery for running your appliances!
  • 150 A BMS for higher discharge loads (run up to a 1800 watt Inverter from one battery!)
  • Intelligent Bluetooth monitoring built directly within the battery to read Percentage remaining / Battery Voltage / Battery Health / Charging or discharging loads / individual cell balancing / Battery temperature and Cycle life!
BBG-DC(L) box includes:
2 x Cigarette + 1 x Engel Fridge + 1 x Dual USB outlet socket
+ 2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors + Projecta Lithium IDC25L charger

This unique battery box design is packed with numerous features and outlet sockets to accommodate for every individual.

This particular listing is for a Lithium model battery box including:

1 x Projecta IDC25L lithium model 25Amp DC Battery charger

(solar and vehicle compatible charge)

This charger is fitted to 2 x dedicated Anderson connectors for solar and alternator

2 x Marine grade Cigarette type socket – rated to 16 Amps
Includes rubber cap design to protect all sockets

1 x Engel Fridge type socket (2 prong design) – rated to 16 Amps

1 x Dual USB socket – rated to 2.5Amp (min rating)
– used to illuminate the Volt meter gauge and activate the USB

2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – Labelled INPUT/OUTPUT
(one fitted to front of box and one on rear)

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – designed purely for solar panel input – labelled “Unregulated solar input”

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – designed purely for vehicle (alternator) input – labelled “Alternator input”

– All internal cabling to allow you to simply connect straight to the battery terminals

Internal Dimensions of Battery Box
Length – 340mm
Width – 175mm
Height – 225mm

External Dimensions of Battery Box
Length – 410mm
Width – 260mm
Height – 280mm
* Dimensions includes all protruding outlet sockets *


1 x 6mt length of 8mm twin core cable (8B&S) oxygen free cable
(for vehicle charge line) WITH 50 Amp Anderson fitted1 x 50Amp Automatic reset circuit breaker
(for connection off main vehicle battery for the charge line)1 x 50 Amp Anderson connector (Genuine)
1 x 2 Pin ignition wire loom with 6mt cable


R.R.P $ 849.00

Projecta Lithium 100 AH with in built Bluetooth!

Housed within a traditional N70 size casing, the LB100-BT is the ideal battery for 4WDs and caravans with high power demands


  • 150 Amp discharge current, capable of powering 2000W inverters
  • Monitor the battery status via smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth. Monitor Voltages, Current, State of Charge (SOC %) and any alarms that may have
  • Like the LB100 it shares all the reliability, safety, battery chemistry (LiFePO4) weight advantages and has been tested with INTELLI-RV and all PROJECTA lithium compatible products.
  • Features a POWER level indicator. So at a glance you can see the State of Charge of the battery (SOC%)


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