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This setup takes portability to the next level.
The Thumper DC-DC Battery Box can be charged in any vehicle on the market including 24v trucks.  With the Projecta IDC25 DC-DC/MPPT charger it has the ability to charge to 100% from vehicle.  In addition to this solar can be used to charge the battery by plugging a un-regulated solar panel into the solar input.
The Thumper Portable Battery Box setup can be used in any vehicle with the Projecta IDC25 DC-DC charger.
This setup includes the 6Mtr 8mm twin cable with Auto Circuit Breaker and 50Amp Anderson Plug.
It is a simple installation setup direct from the main battery positive and negative terminal with the auto circuit breaker normally mounted close to the main battery.
Once fitted the Projecta IDC25 is a easy plug and play setup.  The battery box can be transferred to another vehicle very easily.


This particular listing is for a battery box including: 

1 x Projecta IDC25 model 25Amp DC Battery charger (solar and vehicle compatible charge)

2 x Marine grade Cigarette type socket – rated to 16 Amps
Includes rubber cap design to protect all sockets

1 x Engel Type 2 Pin Plug

1 x Dual USB socket – rated to 2.5Amp (min rating)
– used to illuminate the Volt meter gauge and activate the USB

2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – Labelled INPUT/OUTPUT
(one fitted to front of box and one on rear)

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – designed purely for solar panel input – labelled “Unregulated solar input”

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors – designed purely for vehicle (alternator) input – labelled “Alternator input”

– All internal cabling to allow you to simply connect straight to the battery terminals


Internal Dimensions of Battery Box
Length – 335mm
Width – 175mm
Height – 225mm


External Dimensions of Battery Box 
Length – 410mm
Width – 260mm
Height – 315mm
* Dimensions includes all protruding outlet sockets *

Also included: 

1 x 6mt length of 8mm twin core cable (8B&S) oxygen free cable (for vehicle charge line)

1 x 50Amp Automatic reset circuit breaker (for connection off main vehicle battery for the charge line)



Weight – 32.5kg
Length – 330mm
Height – 220mm
Width – 175mm
Year Warranty Weight – 32.5kg

  • Maintenance Free
  • Leak Proof
  • Rapid recharge rate due to a low internal resistance
  • Can reach full recharge within 2 – 3 hours from alternator
  • Excellent standby use
  • Excellent long term storage
  •  Heat resistant
  • Vibration resistant due to bonded element design
  • Completely sealed – can be mounted on any side
  • Can be mounted in sealed compartment
  • Under bonnet use
  • Superior discharge ability compared to a wet cell
  • High CA output
  • Up to 5 times faster recharge than a wet cell battery
  • Full 2 year manufacturer warranty!
  • Discharge Rate                  Ah Capacity

    20 Hour Rate                        128 Ah

    10 Hour Rate                        120 Ah

    5 Hour Rate                        104 Ah

    1 Hour Rate                          85 Ah

The Thumper Redback has a self discharge of less than 5 % per year
(wet cell batteries discharge approx 3 – 4 % per week)

Maximum discharge current – 1250 Amp 5 seconds

Maximum charging current – 36 Amps

Float charging voltage – 13.6 – 13.8 Volts @ 25⁰C

Heavy Duty ABS case suitable for under bonnet use

Thumper Battery Box Mounting Tray

Thumper have now released a mounting tray designed specifically to the fit the Thumper range of battery boxes.The Tray has been designed with several mounting holes at the bottom of the tray to allow for a secure fit to the vehicle or camper trailer.
The set up comes equipped with 4 x steel ‘hold down rods’ and locking nuts, which perfectly secure through the side handles of the Thumper box.As the Thumper box is designed with the ‘Quick connect’ lid to secure the lid to the battery base, this tray now offers a secure way to fasten your battery base to the vehicle with complete safety in mind.This introduction to the range allows for a complete set up, which remains easy to remove if and when the need arises.Designed by Blue Apple Thumper for the Thumper battery boxes.
* Note: This listing does not include the battery box

Item specifications:



Package Includes:

Battery Box dimensions to suit box:


686 grams

1 x Battery Tray
4 x Steel Rods with lock nut secured already
4 x Adjustable lock nuts

L 332 x W 188mm


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