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The Thumper Lithium 24 AH is the perfect option for the individual looking to run a 40-50Lt compressor driven fridge for 30 + hours.
It has never been easier to understand your battery set up! This unit has been fitted with the calibrated digital display screen, providing the user with a complete digital reading of:

  • Battery Voltage
  • Remaining amp hour capacity
  • The current input / output draw on the battery (both watt &
    amp reading)
  • Remaining run time for discharge / or remaining time to rechargeThe unit is equipped with:
    1 x Digital display screen                    1 x Anderson connector (Max. 12 Amp rating)
    2 x Cigarette socket                             1 x Dual USB socket (Min. 2.4 Amp rating)
    1 x 2.1mm Input / Output                  1 x Manual reset 15 Amp circuit breakerProduct code – BATL-24
    Capacity – 24 AH
    MAX Discharge – 24 Amps
    MAX Input charge – 24 Amps
    Dimensions – 240L x 190W x 180H
    Weight – 4.15 kg
    Warranty – 3 years
    RRP – $ 599.00


The Thumper 24 AH Lithium battery pack comes included with the TL-A-C1.2 1.2mt Anderson to
cigarette charge lead. The TL-A-C1.2 will allow for a charge rate of approx. 5 – 8 Amps, depending
on the vehicle’s alternator and wiring.
This unique charging lead has been designed to allow the Thumper 24 AH to charge directly from the
vehicle cigarette lighter socket. This lead must be used when charging via the cigarette socket in
any vehicle as it will prevent reverse drain from occurring between the main start battery and the
Thumper Lithium battery.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 20 cm


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