Solar King 150ah Lithium LifePO4 Battery – Out of stock until August 10th

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SolarKing lithium batteries are the future of battery storage. Lithium batteries are much lighter than traditional lead acid batteries and deliver unrivalled cycle life.  The Lithium battery has more usable amp hours compared to a lead acid battery and has a automatic cutoff.  This is controlled from the BMS (Battery Management System) inside the battery.

Lithium batteries are perfect for use in caravans, marine, and camping.  The weight of a lithium LifePO4 battery is considerably lighter which can make it easier as a portable battery box setup.

If you need to watch your tare weight on your caravan or camper trailer, lithium batteries are a great option as the weight is normally half of a lead acid battery. So when there are multiple batteries in parallel this weight reduction will make a huge difference on the total van weight.

The performance of the lithium battery is maintained from the use of a BMS unit inside the battery.  This allows rapid recharge times with a maximum charge rate of 100amps with a nominal charge rate of 30amp.
The maximum discharge rate is a massive 100amps continuous with a 200amp 10 second pulse. When linked in parallel the continuous discharge rate will increase.

For setting up multiple batteries for a large capacity battery bank we advise to link up to 4 batteries to retain maximum performance.

The Solar King lithium LifePO4 battery comes with a 3 year warranty.



  • 150AH Lithium Iron
  • 2000+Cycles
  • Built in advanced BMS with Dynamic cell balancing
  • Lightweight
  • Can be connected in series or parallel
  • Equivalent to 3 or 4 150AH deep cycle lead acid batteries
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Note: This battery can’t be used to start motor vehicles



  • Dimensions – 365x185x245mm
  • Chemical – Lithium Iron LiFePo4
  • Product Weight – 20.7kg
  • Operating Temperature Range – -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Voltage – 12.8VDC
  • Amperage – 150AH
  • Max Discharge Rates – 1C
  • Max Continuous Current – 100A
  • Max 10 Second Pulse – 200A
  • Min Charge Current – 5A
  • Nominal Charge Current – 30A
  • Max Charge Current – 100A
  • Max Charge Voltage – 15.2V
  • Cell Balancing – 5AH Nominal (8AH Peak) charge & discharge
  • Cycles @ 100% DOD – 2000 Cycles
  • [email protected] 80% DOD – 3000 Cycles
  • [email protected] 50% DOD – 3500 Cycles
  • [email protected] 30% DOD – 8000 Cycles
  • Low Voltage cut out – 10VDC
  • Maximum In-series voltage – 30.4V
  • Terminal – T10
Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 37 × 19 × 25 cm


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