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SavvyLevelRV for Motorhomes & Campervans || Motorhome Level


SavvyLevelRV for Motorhomes. To be mounted internally

Note that the award winning SavvyLevel is the choice for high end caravans who choose it as standard on their RV’s. 

Don’t be fooled by gimmicks – purchase the original & the best fully integrated leveling solution.

Key Features:

  • Once installed, simple to operate.
  • Level both axes in a single step using the SavvyLevel computer calculated solution.
  • Levelling accuracy of +/- 0.1 of a degree over the full environmental operating range.
  • Pitch, roll and adjustment to each wheel graphically displayed for easy viewing on two individual screens – Inclination view and top-down view.
  • Zoom feature to easily obtain perfect visual level when in inclination view.
  • In inclination view, height correction dimensions displayed in either millimeters or inches with out of range arrow warnings when zoomed.
  • Top-down display for individual wheel height correction using number of blocks, setup height in mm or inches.
  • In top-down view, can select standard blocks or use custom blocks when using block or step ramp levelling.
  • Reports real time vehicle battery voltage.
  • Auto connects when the SavvyMH app and SavvyLevel device are within range.
  • Customize to your own unique RV dimensions.
  • Provides critical information to prevent ramp overrun.
  • Store your user defined unique level into the SavvyLevel device memory without loss during power off.
  • Contains TRC technology to ensure stability over environmental extremes.

Finally there is a low cost, light weight yet precise & EASY alternative to level your Motorhome!​

The SavvyLevelRV solution is a fully integrated levelling system designed specifically for use with variable height block, hydraulic/electric/airbag or standard ramp levelling of your 4WD or motorhome.


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