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The DISP4300-RC can be used as a replacement or secondary display unit for REDARC’s RedVision Total Vehicle Management System.

The display uses a modern, user-friendly interface and features an easy to understand system layout. The robust display has been built and tested to withstand Australia’s tough and varied environmental conditions, and allows you to control multiple on-board devices as well as have visibility of water tank levels and battery power, when paired with a REDARC Manager battery management system.

This display unit can only be retro fitted for use on Manager30 units with part number BMS1230S2 or BMS1230S3.

The RedVision User App provides you with the full access to control and monitor all your electrical on-board devices.

Take full control of your device inputs, output channels, display settings and control logic using the RedVision Configurator App.

 RedVision App

RedVision User App

 Configurator App

RedVision Configurator App

The RedVision User and Configurator Apps and their interaction with RedVision has not been tested on all smartphones available on the market, and are not guaranteed to work on all devices. REDARC will be validating more phones over time, please review the application pages within each App store to see which phones have been validated.


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