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Fullriver HC15


Fullriver HC15

Fullriver HC series is especially used for engine starting, which requires superior cranking performance at lower temperatures, for high current discharge.

General Features

∙The King of Batteries.
∙Black powder finished with protective steel case.
∙Valve regulated sealed lead acid battery.
∙Dry cell technologyy with an absorbed glass mat.
∙It has safety, low resistance, so the recharge is easy and the energy output is more remarkable
∙Low self discharge, the self discharge rate below 3% per month
∙High rate discharge construction
∙Deep discharge recoverability

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PHCA: 370A at 27 °C for 5 seconds
PCCA: 210A at – 18 °C
CCA: 156A at -18°C
CA/MCA: 190A at 0 °C
HCA: 220A at 27 °C

Reserve capacity: 25minutes
Short circuit current: 880A
Operation temperature range:
-15°C to 50°C


LENGTH 200mm
WIDTH 78mm
HEIGHT 134mm



Absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology 12V battery VRLA

Can be mounted in any orientation except inverted.
US DOT and IATA certified non spillable

Sealed Construction (Non Spillable Battery)
Can be fitted with TP brass automotive adaptor

Shipped fully charged just install and go!

Reliable, versatile, high performance power the extreme battery for extreme sports

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 14 cm


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