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Elecbrakes Bluetooth Brake Controller


Elecbrakes is a trailer mounted proportional trailer brake controller, wired directly into the trailers electrical circuit. Elecbrakes draws power from the taillight circuit as well as the brake light circuit ensuring sufficient power is available for up to two braked axles.

Braking is triggered by positive voltage being applied to the brake light circuit. Once braking is triggered Elecbrakes uses Microprocessors and Accelerometers to calculate and provide precise brake response

Elecbrakes connects wirelessly to the in-car remote control and the user’s smartphone. This enables intuitive adjustments while driving as well as access to a manual override. The smartphone app allows the user to set brake responses according to trailer load or driving conditions by calibrating five preset programs.

All of the preset programs are stored within the device on the trailer, ensuring any user can download their own copy of the smartphone app and will still have access to the Elecbrakes’ preconfigured settings.

Electric Brake Controller Features

  • ‘Plug & Play’ – Installed in 10 minutes
  • Trailer-mounting for multi tow vehicle use
  • Smooth proportional braking
  • 5 Preset Braking Programs
  • Device stored settings for multi user access
  • Urethane resin encased electronics
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Easily connects to existing trailer circuits
  • Optional auxiliary power connection

Proportional Braking System

Elecbrakes employs a high-speed microprocessor and various sensors which continuously sample the operating parameters over 1,000 times per second.

For communication, the device uses the widely adopted Bluetooth 4.0 standard, and the hardware selections yield a Bluetooth device that has long range capability ensuring high connection reliability and no dropouts under typical operating conditions. This means the device can be mounted anywhere on the trailer’s draw bar with no detriment to the wireless connection.

This version of Elecbrakes (ELBC2000 P1.5) comes with a user specified adapter allowing the user to mount the unit, connect the adapter plugs to the tow vehicle, trailer and elecbrakes device and be on the road with proportional brake control in 10mins.

This plug and play version of the elecbrakes device (ELBC2000 P1.5) has identical functionality to our standard hardwired version (ELBC2000), the difference being that it comes with waterproof connecters and the adapters are pre wired, taking away any requirement for the user to splice Elecbrakes into the trailer existing circuits.

The ELBC2000 P1.5 requires a user specified adapter to operate, the adapter configuration takes into consideration the tow vehicles socket and the trailers plug to suit the needs of the user. Adapters are available in all common combinations using flat 7 and 12 sockets and plugs and well as 7 pin round small and large combinations. Additional user specified adapters are available on request.


The Elecbrake plug and play version allows a fully featured proportional electric brake controller to be installed on your trailer and ready to go within 10 minutes

Using the plug and play version of the elecbrakes is a fuss free option saving you time and money of a full install, without compromising on functionality or capabilities.

Providing precise proportional brake control, with multiple user defined braking programs and settings for forward, reverse and minimum brake responses. Allowing the user to dial in brake response perfectly synchronise with the tow vehicle. All without hard wiring to the trailers electrical loom!!

What is an Electric Brake Controller and Why Do I Need One For My Caravan?

The choice of brakes and brake controller you use with your caravan is one of the most important decisions you can make for safety, performance and road rule compliance.

Legally, any caravan towed in Australia above 750kg GTM must be fitted with brakes. Above 2,000kg these brakes must be electric. In New Zealand, any trailer above 2,000kg must have braking and they must be electric above 2,500kg. The most popular and by far the safest type of caravan brake is an electric brake. If you have an electric brake you’re also required to have an electric brake controller.

Wireless vs Hardwired Electric Brake Controllers

Traditionally, electric brake controllers had to be hard-wired into your tow vehicle. This meant every time you wanted to change cars, let a friend borrow your camper trailer or hire out your caravan, the tow vehicle had be fitted with a brake controller as well.

We’ve solved this dilemma by completely rethinking how electric brake controllers are installed and operated. Our key innovation is mounting Elecbrakes on the caravan rather than the car. This is a simple solution for anybody who isn’t able modify their vehicle or simply doesn’t want to commit to costly alterations.

For more detailed information on the benefits of a wireless brake controller for caravans compared to the traditional hardwired alternatives, check out this blog post.

    • Install yourself for free in under 10 minutes.
    • Once it’s installed on your Caravan, you can operate from multiple tow vehicles with a wireless controller.
    • Caravan mounting means no modifications to your tow vehicle, no holes cut into your dashboard.



Electric Brake Controller Installation on Caravans

Traditional hardwired controllers require you to book your tow vehicle in with an auto-electrician for a cost of $300 to $500. Elecbrakes does things differently.

Conventional systems need to be hardwired into your tow vehicle with a hole cut into the dashboard to mount them. Elecbrakes makes this whole process easier with a wireless system that can be used from any tow vehicle (perhaps you have more than one in your family or you want to be able to lend or rent your caravan). The Elecbrakes system is ‘Plug and Play’, and you can easily install it yourself in 10 minutes for free with no alterations to your tow vehicle.

Rules and Regulations of Towing a Caravan

Do you know the difference between your GTM, GCM and ATM? If all the towing weight acronyms start to give you a headache don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why we began our Elecbrakes Guide To Towing.

From understanding the safety considerations and legal requirements of towing weights to optimising your load distribution there’s a lot to learn about hitting the open road with your caravan in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information about licensing regulations and other driving rules for general towing in Australia you can read our article ‘Towing Rules and Regulations.

Designed for Caravanning in Australia and New Zealand


Designed for Australian Conditions, the Elecbrakes Bluetooth electric brake controller is waterproof, dustproof and housed inside a fully sealed vibration-resistant housing, making it a go anywhere solution for all types of caravans and trailers.

You can even configure up to 5 user defined brake programs, this allows the driver to precisely configure and save brake responses for the driving conditions and caravan weight. Examples of these programs may be Offroad or Hilly Terrain where the driver prefers a different brake response compared to driving in normal conditions.

Being trailer mounted, Elecbrakes provides flexibility for multi vehicle families, lease or company owned vehicles that cannot be modified and the hire industry where hirers are not prepared to purchase a brake controller for a one off experience. Most importantly Elecbrakes is a proportional electric brake controller suited to all electric braked trailers.






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