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Custom Lithium 100Amp Ultra Slim for Battery Mount – 3rd Gen BT50/DMax and NP300 Navara Ausmotion bracket – Complete System


The Custom 100Amp  lithium battery is a fantastic product designed to fit in vehicle locations such as behind the rear seat in a 3rd Gen BT50/NP300/Dmax with this Ausmotion aluminium bracket.  This model has a 180Amp BMS .Fitment is perfect with this bracket and makes installation a breeze.

The lithium cells in the Custom battery are LifePO4 prismatic cells and the battery is a fully serviceable unit with 5 year warranty.
The maximum continuous discharge rate of the Custom Slim 100Amp Lithium battery is available in 180Amp.

This means that any appliance can be powered from the Custom 100Amp battery as long as the load doesn’t exceed 180Amps. Common appliances such as 12v fridges, LED lighting and 12V accessories such as USB charging can easily be plugged in.
Plus a maximum power inverter size of 2000 Watts can be powered from the battery for powering Microwave, coffee machine, drink mixer and charging cordless power tool batteries.

We have designed this system with a Redarc BCDCN1225. With this option the system will charge from the vehicle alternator and all so MPPT solar charging.  Plus the charge capacity of the Redarc BCDCN1225 is 25Amps for a more rapid charge time.  We do recommend attaching the ignition cable for reliable consistent charging from the Redarc BCDCN1225. 6Mtr of 8 bns twin cable is supplied to sire in the Anderson input charge cable to the Redarc BCDCN1225 charger from the main battery.

To monitor the Custom 100Amp Slim battery system a Victron Energy Smart Shunt has been included to display the battery percentage charge, Amp Current discharge or charge, Power Watts in discharge or charge and Consumed Amp Hours as well as Time remaining.

Included is a Thumper control box with a Volt Meter and 2 sockets of your choice.  This can be mounted in the rear of the vehicle or the tub of a Ute.  The cable supplied for this is a 6Mtr 6mm twin cable with inline fuse.

Custom Lithium 100Amp Ultra Slim

Continuous 180AMP
Discharge Overcurrent Protection 750AMP
Max Charge Current 100AMPs
Standard Red/Black Terminals

Enclosure is made of a 3mm ABS Plastic.

100 AH Ultra Slim Lithium Battery suited for most 12v requirements.
Includes:  180AMP Battery Management System (BMS)
5 Year Warranty

Ausmotion – 3rd Gen BT50/DMax and NP300 Navara


Made to order Battery mount to suit ultra-slim lithium batteries from Custom Lithium. Please allow 2 week for manufacture.

Locally designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.

Battery Compatibility

This product has been designed to mount the following Custom Lithium battery only:

Vehicle Compatibility

This product is designed to fit the following vehicles:

  • Mazda BT50 4×4 Dual Cab (3rd generation “TF” June 2020 onward)
  • Isuzu DMax 4×4 Dual Cab (3rd generation “RD” October 2019 onward)

Whilst this product will also fit NP300 Nissan Navara and Mercedes X-Class, it cannot be fitted to those vehicles if they have an electric sliding rear window.

Installation Notes

This mount designed for direct mounting of the Custom Lithium battery listed above.

Installation takes approximately one hour.

Includes pre-cut holes for Redarc BCDC charger, multiple midi fuse holders, Victron shunt.

The installer must use a drill to increase the size of one hole in the wall of the cab. An M6 thread insert (supplied with the battery mount) must then be fitted to that hole using a simple, cost effective tool available from tool shops and large hardware stores. This product cannot be fitted without the supplied thread insert being added to the vehicle.

Carpet on back wall of the cab must be removed to install this product. You may decide to trim the carpet panel and fit the remains on either side of the battery mount but most owners opt to leave the carpet panel out of the vehicle.

The plastic trim panel that is fitted to the back wall of the cab will need to be trimmed a little during installation.


  • Stainless Steel

Victron Energy Smart Shunt

The SmartShunt is an all in one battery monitor, only without a display. Your phone acts as the display. The SmartShunt connects via Bluetooth to the VictronConnect App on your phone (or tablet) and you can conveniently read out all monitored battery parameters, like state of charge, time to go, historical information and much more.

Alternatively the SmartShunt can be connected and be read by a GX device. Connection to the SmartShunt is made via a VE.Direct cable.

The SmartShunt is a good alternative for a BMV battery monitor, especially for systems where battery monitoring is needed but less wiring and clutter is wanted.
The SmartShunt is equipped with Bluetooth, a VE.Direct port and a connection that can be used for: monitoring a second battery, midpoint monitoring or a temperature sensor.

The SmartShunt is available in 500A. The 1000A and 2000A will follow later this year.


Home of 12 Volt offers an extensive range of power packs, control boxes, cables and accessories to help with all types of 12 volt installations.

All control boxes are internally soldered and wired with 4mm and 6mm automotive twin sheathed oxygen free cable. These quality control boxes will truly last the test of time and will not tarnish (go green) after many years of use in harsh environments. The use of oxygen free cable means that voltage drop will be greatly reduced when using these control boxes.


Control Box VOLT 12V / 24V Front mount – Cigarette + Dual USB + 50 Amp Anderson

Specifications per outlet box: 

– 1 x Marine Grade Stainless steel cigarette outlet socket – rated to 16 Amps
– 1 x Dual USB outlet socket – rated min. 2.4Amp 5 Volts
– 1 x Genuine 50Amp Anderson connector (not fused within box)
– 1 x In built 15 Amp circuit breaker – wired to protect the twin outlets
– 1 x LCD Digital Volt meter (Multi – Voltage 12 Volt & 24 Volt) – This voltage meter is more accurate than previous models for LITHIUM batteries as well as standard lead acid
– 1 x HOLD down push button for LCD display (Turns Volt meter ON / OFF)
– 1 x approx. 250mm length 6mm Twin core cable with yellow crimp joiners
Length –  54 mm
Depth –   35 mm
Height –  160 mm

** All measurements include sockets

2 Year Warranty

Hardware included in kit

6Mtr 8bns twin cable
6Mtr 6mm twin cable
1 x Single Midi Fuse Holder
1 x Midi Fuse Holder
2 x 40amp Midi Fuse
1 x 50Amp Midi Fuse
Cable Lugs included in kit




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