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Baintech 12V 100Amp Slim Lithium Battery with 100Amp BMS and Display


Our 12V 150Ah Slimline Lithium Battery with 200ah BMS & digital display is perfect for powering your 12V set-up including upto 2000w inverter. This lithium battery is strong and safe due to its aluminium casing and built-in BMS that protects you from temperature, over-voltage, and short circuit. Our unique BMS will further increase safety and durability. Can be connected in parallel for increase capacity, and connected in series for increase voltage Max 48V.

Best Features:

  • Custom Built BMS
  • Up to 5000 Charging Cycles | Lifecycle at 50% DOD
  • Slimmest Design in the market
  • Almost 2x the Capacity of a Lead acid battery
  • Aluminum Powder Coated Enclosure
  • Australian Designed
  • Connect in Parallel: More capacity & Power
  • Lightweight: Only 15kg


12V 110Ah Slimline Lithium Battery Specifications:

  • Max Charge Current – 100A, 100 Continuous outflow
  • Peak current – 250A(10s)
  • BMS Low Voltage Cut-off – 8.8V (2.2+0.05v) pc)
  • BMS Reconnect voltage – 10.8V (2.7+0.05v) pc)
  • Weight – 15kg
  • Case dimension (L*W*H) – 635 x 260 x 50mm
  • Cell type / Chemistry – LiFePO4 chemistry
  • BMS: low voltage, high voltage, over temperature
  • Over current, short-circuit protection, Balancing etc.
  • Discharge Temperature -20~+65℃
  • Charge Temperature 0~+45℃
  • Storage Temperature Range 0~+45℃
  • Battery High Temperature Protection 60℃








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