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Weight – 10 kg

Length – 240mm

Height – 175mm

Width – 200mm

2 Year Warranty


New look – New Features:

– Marine grade specifications This unit is 100% weatherproof

– 1 x Dual USB outlet rated to 2.5Amps at 5 Volt
PERFECT for ipads, iphones, etc

– Upgraded fully waterproof gauge IP67 rating (marine grade)

– Dual 50Amp Anderson connectors Both designed as input/output line
This unit comprises of:

2 x Marine grade Cigarette socket rated 16A at 12 V / 8A at 24V
1 x Merit (Hella) sockets rated 15A at 12V / 7.5A at 24V
1 x Dual USB outlet rated 2.5A at 5 Volt (12V only)
2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors
1 x 175Amp Anderson connector
1 x 15Amp Manuel reset circuit breaker
1 x LED gauge 2.5V-33V reading


The Thumper 30 AH may look small but this little unit provides 30 Amp hours of power and a cranking ability of over 600 cranking amps. While it is the smallest of the original range, the Thumper 30 AH will jump – start all petrol vehicles and even 3Lt diesel engines!

The unit is the perfect option for campers staying overnight without power while running a 40 – 50 Lt Compressor type fridge.

The unit comes equipped with x 2 Cigarette type socket outlets, 1 x Dual USB outlet socket, 1 x Hella/Merrit outlet, a 15 Amp circuit breaker, LCD Digital Volt meter, 2 pin socket for vehicle charging and a 175 Amp Anderson for heavy duty jump – starting.

The Thumper 30 AH comes included with a set of jump leads and the Vehicle car charging system. Once connected to the vehicle charge system, the unit has the ability to recharge completely within 2 – 3 hours.

This unit is also compatible for 240 Volt charging and solar charging (Max of a 10Amp 240Volt battery charger is to be used on this unit)


Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 36 cm


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