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Solar Package – Victron Energy Smart 100/30 MPPT Solar Charger with 2 x 12V 200 Watt Mono Crystalline Solar Panel

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This solar system will have you camping outback with self-sufficient power from the two 200 watt Monocrystalline solar panels pumping out a maximum of 33 amps through the Victron Energy MPPT solar controller.  The 200 watt  Monocrystalline solar panels are designed to perform in all round conditions from sunny days to overcast weather.  By using a Victron Energy MPPT solar controller you can harness maximum output.

By including a Victron Energy MPPT solar charge controller the power output of the solar panels is increased by 20-30% output for maximum efficiency.  Whether you currently have AGM batteries or plan on up-grading to a Lithium battery system the Victron Energy MPPT Smart solar controller is compatible for any battery type.

The Victron Energy MPPT Smart solar charge controller has Bluetooth monitoring from a phone or Ipad and Tablet.  This will display the solar voltage and watts plus battery voltage and amps input charge to the battery. Plus you have the ability to look back at the history performance of the solar system to check on how much wattage the solar panels are producing.



To wire this system we recommend connecting the solar panels in series to double the Open Circuit Voltage to 44.6V. By doing this the efficiency output is increased when the solar voltage is in series and then safely bought back down to the battery voltage for maximum battery charging.  This is just another great feature of the Victron Energy MPPT controller as they have a higher input voltage range.

Included in this system is 10Mtrs of 8mm twin core cable, a set of MC4 connectors and inline midi fuse for the battery connection.


This package includes

Victron Energy Smart MPPT 100/30 Amp Solar Charger

MPPT: Ultra Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking

By constantly monitoring the voltage and current output of your solar (PV) panels, MPPT technology ensures that every drop of available power is rinsed out of your panels, and harvested for storage. The advantage of this is most noticeable when the sky is partially clouded, and light intensity is constantly changing.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Remotely control and monitor the extensive features of your SmartSolar MPPT charger with built-in bluetooth by pairing it with your smartphone or other device via VictronConnect. If your installation is connected to the internet Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM) provides access to the full power of your MPPT, anytime, anywhere; both services are free to use. For remote installations – even when there is no internet connection or phone signal nearby – you may be able to monitor your MPPT by bluetooth-pairing with a LoRaWAN(long-range wide area network) device, available optionally.

Bluetooth Smart built-in: dongle not needed
The wireless solution to set-up, monitor and update the controller using Apple and Android smartphones, tablets or other devices.
For a wired data connection to a Color Control panel, Venus GX, PC or other devices
Ultrafast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
Especially in case of a clouded sky, when light intensity is changing continuously, an ultra-fast MPPT controller will improve energy
harvest by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers and by up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.
Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection in case of partial shading conditions
If partial shading occurs, two or more maximum power points may be present on the power-voltage curve.
Conventional MPPTs tend to lock to a local MPP, which may not be the optimum MPP.
The innovative BlueSolar algorithm will always maximize energy harvest by locking to the optimum MPP.
Outstanding conversion efficiency
No cooling fan. Maximum efficiency exceeds 98%.
The full output current up to 40°C (104°F).
Flexible charge algorithm
Fully programmable charge algorithm (see the software page on our website), and eight pre-programmed algorithms, selectable
with a rotary switch (see manual for details).
Extensive electronic protection
Over-temperature protection and power derating when temperature is high.
PV short circuit and PV reverse polarity protection.
PV reverse current protection.
Internal temperature sensor
Compensates absorption and float charge voltage
for temperature.
Real-time data display options
– Apple and Android smartphones, tablets and other devices.
– Color Control panel.

12V 200 Watt Mono Solar Panel

These Monocrystalltine panals are designed and manufactured especially for the use of mobile and independent power solutions (such as use on caravans, motor homes, etc).

We focus on providing solar modules that are already proven in the field and assured to deliver consistent results. In order to guarantee our customers long-term performance and energy output, we avoid products that do not have a solid record of delivering in real-world situations.

The past 10 years has seen rapid improvements in the field of solar technology. Panels that were the “most efficient” on the market even 5 years ago are not necessarily the most efficient today.

There are three main types of panels available in today’s market:

Amorphous – These cells are used in calculators, watches, toys and small solar applications. Amorphous cells tend to work very well in levels of low light; however the surface area of the panel needs to be much greater in order to produce even a small amount of power. Some amorphous cells are flexible but are much larger in size per watt than mono crystalline panels. Amorphous panels claim to be more shade tolerant, however the size of the panel required to produce anything of real power renders the use of this type of panel impractical in the Caravan, camping and off-road industry.

Polycrystalline – These panels were very commonly used in the Caravan, camping and off – road industry, most installations nowadays use the Mono crystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels use a light reflective crystal which tends to attract the light from sharper angles. This is a great feature for fixed mounted panels; however they also have flaws when compared against the Mono crystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels work fantastic in areas of high light such as the northern and western parts of Australia (high Western Australia, NT and QLD). However, the efficiency of a polycrystalline panel is reduced quite significantly when used in overcast or low light locations such as the lower parts of Australia or Eastern Australia.

Mono crystalline – The most popular type of panel used in today’s market due to its high tolerance to low light and overcast conditions. This type of panel was not as popular a few years ago due to cost factors, however, as manufacturing cost for this panel has reduced, the Mono crystalline panels have by far taken the lead as the most “ALL ROUNDED” panel used in the off – road industry. The Mono crystalline panel will 90% of the time outperform the other two types of panels listed above. The efficiency of a Mono crystalline panel is on par with a polycrystalline in levels of high light and it far exceeds the performance of the poly when in levels of low light or overcast.

Mono crystalline panels make for fantastic panels for the off-road / portable power usage due to the all rounded efficiency with all levels of light.

We offer a full range of fixed and portable Mono-crystalline Solar Panels.

Panel Type


Code: Mono-crystallineSK – 200S

Maximum Power (Pmax) – 200 watts

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) – 22.3 Volts

Current at Pmax (Imp) – 11.12 Amps

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) – 22.30 Volts

Short Circuit Current (Isc) – 11.89 Amps

Normal Operating Cell Temp (NOCT) – 48+-2*C

Max System Voltage – 1000 Volts

Dimensions: – 1580 x 808 x 35mm

​Weight: – 14.00 Kg

Warranty – 10 yr structural
25 yr performance warranty

10 Mtr 8mm twin core cable

Inline Midi Fuse Holder and Fuse x 1

MC4 Male and Female Set
MC4 Double Adaptor

Ring terminals to suit


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