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Keep Track of Your Battery Capacity with a Caravan Battery Monitor

At Home of 12 Volt Northern, we not only sell the 12-volt batteries you need to power appliances and devices on your caravan, but also the caravan battery monitor you need to keep track of battery capacity. Our volt and amp meters are easy to use and tell you exactly when your battery is running low.

Tips Regarding Caravan Battery Monitors

If you are shopping around for your first caravan battery gauge, keep these tips in mind to make sure you end up with the right product (or products) for the job:

  • Do buy a caravan battery monitor: You need a battery monitor of some sort for your 12-volt battery. Using a 12-volt power pack without a battery monitor is like driving a car without a fuel gauge: you never know when you will run out of juice. These gadgets aren’t that expensive, and they will make your life much, much easier.
  • Choose a digital battery monitor: Old-style battery monitors use an analogue needle to provide readings. While these needle-based monitors can certainly provide a general idea of how much battery charge you have left, they aren’t very exact. The digital monitors we sell at Home of 12 Volt provide accurate voltage readings to one decimal place. The battery monitors that we sell will display both volts and amps of the battery.
  • Don’t let your battery drain below 50 percent: If you can avoid it, never let your deep cycle caravan battery drain below 50 percent on its charge. Most deep cycle batteries are lead acid or AGM (absorbed glass matt), both of which will start losing their ability to hold a charge if you discharge them below 50 percent.

Problems Home of 12 Volt Addresses 

When you work with Home of 12 Volt to shop for a caravan voltmeter, we will help you circumnavigate a few of the common pitfalls that come with buying this kind of product. These problems include:

  • Difficulty finding the right battery meter: We have a range of different battery meters, from simple testing tools to monitors meant to serve as solar regulators. Whether you are just checking your battery capacity or rigging up a solar battery charging system, we have the right tool.
  • Confusion about battery discharge: How do you know when a 12-volt battery has actually been depleted of its charge? You can find a rundown of the voltage or ampere levels that indicate a battery is in need of a charge.
    In addition to this Home of 12 Volt offer volt and amp meters that will display amps being drawn from the battery plus the number of hours left until the battery will be flat at the current discharge rate.

Why Trust Home of 12 Volt Regarding Caravan Battery Gauges
If you are shopping for a caravan voltmeter, Home of 12 Volt is the ideal place to shop. We have been in this business for 12 years and have a very wide product selection geared toward portable caravan power solutions. From batteries to solar panels to the caravan battery monitor, we can help you find everything you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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Showing all 6 results