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Benefits of a Thumper Portable Dual Battery System from Home of 12 Volt
Why shop with us for a new Thumper Dual Battery System? A quick look at our service reveals several benefits to bringing your business here. Tap into advantages such as:

  • Systems that don’t require direct modifications of the vehicle’s wiring. Adding your new kit should be simple and as stress-free as possible. When you don’t need to muck with the original factory wiring in the vehicle, you can trust in better results.
  • Circuit and fuse breakers to suit every system we sell so that you can create true peace of mind for your power system whether you’re at home or out on an excursion. Don’t let a short circuit or a surge take out your entire system.
  • In-depth advice and guidance on how to create the ideal charging setup under the bonnet, and helpful tips whenever you aren’t sure of the next steps to take. Discover what others have had success with in your type of vehicle.

Tips Regarding Finding a Thumper to suit you

Next, let’s look at what you should consider as you do your shopping. Try these helpful ideas as you prepare to modify your vehicle:

  • Explore options for isolators that suit your vehicle best. For example, what if you don’t have a lot of space under the bonnet for installing additional hardware? A product such as the Thumper Elite or the Thumper DC Outback can suit your needs beautifully, providing the charge capacity necessary in a small, convenient package.
  • Consider your vehicle type.  What kind of vehicle alternator do you have? Will you need a DC-DC charger for vehicle charging.
  • Consider your applications. What will you need to run off your secondary battery? How much of a demand will you place on it regularly? Take a deep dive into your needs and come up with some rough estimates to inform your shopping.
  • Take advantage of experienced, professional insight when possible. There are many considerations here, especially when you think of the many different vehicles makes and models and their variations over the years. When in doubt, reach out — the Home of 12 Volt team is always happy to assist.

We stock quality battery packs: We have four options in the Thumper range including the Standard, Redback, Elite and the brand new Outback DC series. Your selected caravan battery pack from the Thumper range will feature stainless steel or aluminium fittings, internal circuit breaker protection, and marinising for protection against corrosion. The Outback series is an exceptional design for running appliances and offering DC-DC charger setup for efficient charging for any vehicle type as well as MPPT solar charging.