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Dual Battery Tray Kit

Selecting the Ideal Dual Battery Kit for Your Next Excursion
There’s no denying it: when you require on-demand access to power in off-road scenarios for accessories and tools, a dual battery kit is an ideal solution. However, bridging the gap between identifying your need and meeting its requirements is often easier said than done. What do you need to keep in mind and where should you look for a dual battery tray kit you can trust? At Home of 12 Volt, we have everything you’ll need.

Benefits of a Dual Battery System Kit from Home of 12 Volt
Why shop with us for a new dual battery wiring kit? A quick look at our service reveals several benefits to bringing your business here. Tap into advantages such as:

Systems that don’t require direct modifications of the vehicle’s wiring. Adding your new kit should be simple and as stress-free as possible. When you don’t need to muck with the original factory wiring in the vehicle, you can trust in better results.
Circuit and fuse breakers to suit every system we sell so that you can create true peace of mind for your power system whether you’re at home or out on an excursion. Don’t let a short circuit or a surge take out your entire system.
In-depth advice and guidance on how to create the ideal charging setup under the bonnet, and helpful tips whenever you aren’t sure of the next steps to take. Discover what others have had success with in your type of vehicle.

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