Buy Deep Cycle Battery Online

Are you looking to buy a deep cycle battery online If so, Home of 12 Volt Northern can help We stock an array of different batteries, all with the goal of helping you ‘Get Outback and Stay There’ We’d be happy to work with you to find the ideal battery solution for your camping or caravan... ... read more.

Camping Batteries

See the Remote Parts of Australia with the Right If you’ve been thinking about heading out on a cross-country tour of Australia, then you will probably need some high-quality camping batteries to make the trek possible At Home of 12 Volt Northern, we carry an array of different caravan battery... ... read more.

Camping Solar Panels

Attain Self-Sufficiency in the Outback with With camping solar panels, you can truly get off the grid and enjoy the Australian Outback in style These kits are suited for various caravans and enable you to retain the perks of powering your caravan’s accessories for extended periods Benefits of... ... read more.

Caravan Batteries

Our Give You a Reliable Start-Up You can get caravan batteries that give a reliable charge to keep you powered all the time We have a wide range of battery options that have a consistent power output and fast recharge time Our batteries have many benefits including excellent long-term storage and... ... read more.

Caravan Battery Monitor

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Caravan Lights

You Can Become Energy Efficient with LED When you switch your caravan lights over to LED, you will save on power and the cost of electricity LED bulbs use a fraction of the power that regular bulbs do, and we have a wide range of shapes and sizes to help make the transition to energy-efficient... ... read more.

Caravan Satellite System

Receive Digital Entertainment Anywhere with a You don’t have to be cut off from the entertainment you’re used to if you install a caravan satellite system The extensive reach of satellite signals means you can access your favourite programs even when you’re exploring the Outback Take a... ... read more.

DC to DC Charger

Should You Consider Purchasing a When you want to ensure you always have a battery bank ready for use, should you install a DC to DC charger Many believe this is an essential piece of equipment to ensure your vehicle and secondary batteries can draw the appropriate current However, that's not... ... read more.

Dual Battery Kit

Selecting the Ideal for Your Next Excursion There's no denying it: when you require on-demand access to power in off-road scenarios for accessories and tools, a dual battery kit is an ideal solution However, bridging the gap between identifying your need and meeting its requirements is often... ... read more.

LED Camping Lights

Shop Home of 12 Volt Northern for Light up your campsite with LED camping lights! Not so long ago, campfires and basic camping lanterns were about the extent of campsite illumination These days, you have a lot more options for lighting up your campsite—especially if you have a caravan outfitted... ... read more.

LED Driving Lights

Buy Quality for Your Camping Holiday Despite their name, LED driving lights are useful both on and off the road These lights are energy efficient tools to get some extra light, so you can be alert to what’s coming up when you’re driving even on the dustiest off-road conditions When you make... ... read more.

Portable Battery Box

Get the Most Use out of Your Battery with a Both for protection and utility, you’ll find that a portable battery box is an excellent investment Coupled with a quality battery, you’ll be able to power a variety of accessories with ease Buy a battery box to keep your phone and laptop charged,... ... read more.

Portable Battery Charger

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Portable Fridge Freezer

Stockists of Solutions in Varying Sizes If you are interested in outdoor or off-grid living, you need not give up on all your creature comforts, a portable fridge/freezer ensures foods and drinks are not spoiled and remain cold for your enjoyment Problems Home of 12 Volt Addresses After-sales,... ... read more.