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Weight – 25 Kg
 Length – 335mm
 Height – 187mm
 Width – 265mm
 2 Year Warranty


60 Watt Mono Solar Panel PLUS Solar Regulator and Anderson cable connection lead


60 Watt Mono Solar Panel Product Highlights

  • Saronic Solar panels adopt World leading Solar PV cells—“SunPower”, the prodigy with absolutely highest efficiency achievable!
  • SunPower PV technology excels in domains of either dometic or camping installation. Solar power is collected and transformed in advanced by “Maxeon” Cells!
  • By far, Saronic solar panels are regarded the prestigious devices enbodying the phenomenal PV power plants!
  • Remarkable 25-year output warranty



Maximum Power(Pmax)
60W Open Circuit Voltage: 21.6VMax
Power Voltage: 17.7V
Max Power Current: 3.39A
Short-Circuit Current: 3.77A
Maximum System Voltage: 1000V
Temperature Range: -40°C – 85°C
Power Tolerance: ± 2%
Solar Cell: MonoProduct
Dimension: 560x440x30mm
Weight: 3kg

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Product Description


– Marine grade specifications
  This unit is 100% weatherproof
– 1 x Dual USB outlet rated to 2.5Amps at 5 Volt
– 1 x Engel Fridge outlet socket rated to 15Amps at 12 Volt
– Upgraded fully waterproof gauge IP67 rating (marine grade)
– Dual 50Amp Anderson connectors
  Both designed as input/output
This unit comprises of:
•2 x Marine grade Cigarette sockets rated 16A at 12 V
•1 x Merit (Hella) sockets rated 15A at 12V
•1 x Dual USB outlet rated 2.5A at 5 Volt (12V only)
•1 x Engel Fridge outlet rated to 15A at 12 volt
•2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors
•1 x 175Amp Anderson connector
•1 x LED gauge 2.5V ~ 33V reading
•Internal circuit breaker protection
The Thumper 80 AH is the most popular unit of the Thumper series; it has the highest cranking ability of the range offering a whopping big 1500 CA for jump – starting!
 This is enough to successfully, and safely jump-start any vehicle on the market, including tractors, trucks and all your basic 4×4 and sedan models. No problem starting 10Lt diesel engines over and over again before requiring a recharge!
 The unit consists of x 2 cigarette outlets, x 1 Merit (Hella) type outlet, 1 x Dual USB outlet, 1 x Engel Fridge, internal circuit breaker protection, 2 x 50 Amp Anderson connector (both inputs and outputs) and 1 x 175 Amp Anderson connector for jump – starting.
The unit again is completely spike protected to ensure no damage will occur during jump – starting due to voltage spikes. The unit comes equipped with a LCD digital display meter for accurate voltage readings.
 The 80 AH can allow for the luxury of running a 40-50Lt 12 volt compressor type fridge for approx 3+ days before requiring a recharge.
 The unit comes included with a set of jumper leads and the vehicle charge system, which will allow the unit to charge within 2 – 3 hours of driving.
 The unit is also compatible with solar and 240 Volt charging. (When charging via 240Volt do not use in excess of a 25Amp charger).


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